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[D&B/BASS] *** Fracture - Loving Touch EP *** [MUSIC]

Nice EP from Fracture on Exit Records. ” Loving Touch ” carries back the powerful drumbreaks of the jungle/drumNbass styles with a modern touch. 

[DEEPHOUSE/BROKEN] *** Wayne Snow - Red Runner EP *** [MUSIC]

Nigerian born vocalist and songwriter Wayne Snow, and now resident of Berlin, presents his first EP ” Red Runner ” on Copenhagen’s Tartelet Records. Two original tracks followed by two remixes from the great duo Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND and Session Victim. Mellow tones and broken structures to sooth your souls and make your body move. Available in vinyl via OYE Record Store.

[DUB/IDM] *** Versa - Blues EP *** [MUSIC]

Producer Versa has recently released his ” Blues EP “on Latvia based label Cut Records. Some downtempo rhythmics over elaborate synth lines bringing a deep sound. 

[BEAT] *** Marc Rapson - Dark vs Light *** [MUSIC]


London producer Marc Rapson just released ” Dark vs Light ” on label Expansions Collective. A concentrate of dope productions fixed on solid structures and fleshy sounds. A great album showcasing an underground music filled of knowledges. Available in several versions.

[TECHNO/HOUSE] *** Torben - 002 *** [MUSIC]


Box aus Holz sublabel Torben is back with a 2nd release full of broken Techno/House/Discoish produced with that retro-classic grain. This is out of stock and you have to know about that ” Torben 002 ” brought to us by some Box aus Holz members. Grab it over at OYE Record Store Berlin.

[BEAT/EXPERIMENTAL] *** TUFO - Egoistic Coma *** [MUSIC]

" Egoistic Coma ” from Italian duo TUFO is a nice journey through a singular approach of the electronic beat music. Out on London based label Five Easy Pieces

[BEAT/BASS] *** Dean Custom - Bliss EP *** [MUSIC]

Wild synth lines and banging drums are provided in this ” Bliss EP ” produced by Dean Custom. Reminds us the sound of HudMo, Ghost Mutt or Wave Racer, a bit of Trap, Dubstep and JerseyClub music. Out via London based label Terrorhythm Recordings.

[POSTDUB/AMBIANT] *** Deep Heads presents: Audialist *** [MUSIC]

UK label Deep Heads specialized in Postdub and Deep sounds bring to us the Swedish producer Audialist. That debut EP shows the lush and abundant productions of this youg talent. Get ” Audialist EP “.

[SOUL/PROGRESSIVE] *** OYT - Now or Never EP *** [MUSIC]


" Now or Never EP ” from Estonia based trio OYT is an incredible effort of mixing genres. Soulful vocals all along the EP backed by some mighty productions going from HipHop, Juke, House to Dubstep. All wrapped in a homogeneous electronic grain. Out via Emerald City.

[BEAT/SOULFUL] *** Ju-Ar - Day Out *** [MUSIC]

Ju-Ar from the Morgen Noï collective is back with a pretty nice collection of mellow tracks. ” Day Out ” is full of soulful soundscapes, funky synth lines and laid-back rhythmics. Grab a copy!

[BROKENBEAT/HOUSE] *** Henry Wu - Black Mecca *** [MUSIC]

UK based and 22a Music affiliated Henry Wu presents this short play of broken joints. Ranging towards 2-Step, Jazz/Soul and Slow House kinds with a lo-fi sound, you’ll be transported by this ” Black Mecca ” release.